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Affiliate Program

Refer players to our platform and earn money by participating in BIG2.WIN's Affiliate Program! You will receive affiliate commission for each player that registers through your links and plays on BIG2.WIN. This commission is based on a percentage of the rake fees paid by the players you refer. At the beginning of every month, you will receive an email showing you the breakdown of your referral commissions, along with a link to withdraw your earnings

BIG2.WIN is the first real money, online version of the popular card game Big 2. Known in Chinese as 大老二, Big 2 is an old game familiar to people throughout Asia. Poker hands such as Full House and Flush are used, and just like in Poker, gambling is part of the game. BIG2.WIN is the first platform that takes this traditional game into the world of cryptocurrency, allowing users to play against each other for Bitcoin!

We here at BIG2.WIN are seeking marketing gurus through various channels to help us grow our platform. Our generous bonuses and promotions for players help you get even higher conversion rates. Benefit from easy player tracking and prompt commission payments. Optimize every lead by promoting our modern HTML5 game — BIG2.WIN is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows & Mac. Users can play in their browser without having to download anything!

We are happy to offer competitive deals customized to suit your preferences. Connect with us today to start exploring some opportunities together

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